The use of XB validity index allows the algorithm to find the opt

The use of XB validity index allows the algorithm to find the optimum cluster number with cluster partitions that provide compact and well-separated selleck clusters. From the experiments, we have shown that the SP-FCM algorithm produces good results with reference to DB and Dunn indices, especially to the high dimension and large data cases. Acknowledgment This research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant no. 61105089, NSFC). Conflict of Interests The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper.
With the rapid economic development in

China, the higher requirements have been proposed for the operational efficiency of passenger and freight transports, as well as the human services. The train operation diagram is the basic file for organizing the train operation and the comprehensive plans of rail transport, playing a very important role in the organization of the entire rail transport system.

The quality of the train operation diagram has great significance on improving the transport efficiency, accelerating the turnover rate and the delivery of passengers and freights, improving the usage of railway technology and equipment and meeting the needs of the market, and ensuring the safety accordingly. As for the railway running control system, the automatic block signalling has been widely utilized up to date. The automatic block signalling is a block system that consists of a series of signals that divide a railway line into a series of blocks and then functions to control the movement of trains between them through automatic signals. The train running state is normally controlled by a signalling system set in the course of its operation, and many different color light signalling systems have been used in the automatic block signalling. Namely, they are two-aspect color light, three-aspect color light, and four-aspect color light for the display format of automatic block signalling. Among them, the four-aspect color light system stage plays a

dominant role in the automatic block signalling system. Under this signalling system, it presents four kinds of signals: red, yellow, yellow plus green, and green. If one of the blocking sections has been occupied by a train, the red signal will be on, indicating that this specific Dacomitinib section is being occupied; if the section is free, the other signals will be on accordingly. In order to increase the train operation density in China, it is important to calculate the railway carrying capacity under the four-aspect color light automatic block signalling. The traditional calculation methods for the railway carrying capacity are the graphic method, the deduction coefficient method, and the average minimum train spacing interval law, respectively. All those methods are static algorithm and the empirical values are often introduced in, which, as a result, are likely to result in the lower accuracy.

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